Twyford, West Felton, Shropshire, England

City West Felton
County Shropshire
Country England


Twyford is a small hamlet adjoining West Felton, on the north. William Daniel Dovaston Esq. is the chief landowner.

- Kellys Directory of Shropshire, 1929


Twyford is a small township adjoining West Felton on the north and contains 341 acres. The Nursery is the seat of John Dovatson Esq. John P Downes Esq. of Duke street, London, and John Rogers Esq. of Selattyn, are the landowners. Rateable value, £725 5S.

- Kellys Directory of Shropshire, 1891


Twyford, a small township adjoining West Felton, and four and a half miles south from Oswestry, intersected by the Holyhead turnpike road, and the Shropshire union canal, contains 341A. 3R. 9P. of land, and in 1841 had 29 houses and 110 inhabitants. The freeholders are J F M. Dovaston, Esq. ; Mr. Edward Downes, Mr. John Brookfield, Mr. Richard Lloyd, Mr. William Manford, and Mr. Isaac Ratcliff. The land is of good quality, an undulating district, and well wooded. Rateable value, £598. 3s. Rent charge, £50. 16s. 7d.

- Bagshaws Directory of Shropshire, 1851


  1. Edward Edwards
  2. George Edwards
  3. Jane Downes
  4. Jane Edwards
  5. Jane Parrock
  6. John Downes
  7. John Edwards
  8. Mary Elizabeth Edwards
  9. Richard Edwards
  10. William Downes
  11. William Downes
  12. [Jane Rogers]
  13. [William] Parrock