Marriage Settlement, Henry Proctor & Susannah Lloyd, 1782


2 February 1782

1. Henry Proctor of Shrewsbury, esq., (eldest son and heir of Henry Proctor late of Clewer, co. Berks., dec'd.; Susannah, his wife
2. Francis Lloyd of Domgay, co. Mont., esq.
3. Clopton Prhys of Llandrinio; John Herbert of Park, co. Mont., esqs.
After marriage of 1., in pursuance of covenant in Settlement (see below) and £1,000 portion; Conveying cap. m. or tmt. with the demesne called Aberhavesp [Aberhafesb] Hall, co. Mont., of Richard Whittington; ms. or tmts. called Glascoed and Goralt of Richard Benbow; m. or tmt. called Colley's Farm of William Bowen; Gwern ddu Farm of Richard Jones; the Red House Farm of Richard Morris. All in p. Aberhavesp. Also Scavell Farm of John Oliver, Bryn Farm of Thomas Owen - both in p. Llanllwchaiarn; Maesmawr in p. Llandinam of Richard Whittington and Jeremiah Thomas, co. Mont. Also provision for younger children of 1.: charging Cwm and Hamond's Tmt. of Jane Evans, widow; the Bank Farm with rabbit warren of Richard Lucas; m. or tmt. of David Lewis; m., tmt. and dw. house with smith's shop of Richard Browne; dw. house and garden late of John Wood, now of Richard Whittington; dw. house and garden late of Jane Evans now of Richard Morris - all in p. Aberhavesp; m. or tmt. of Pen y bank of Jeremiah Jones; quillet or parcel belonging of..... Williams or her assigns --- all in p. Llanllwch haiarn, co. Mont.; m. or tmt. of Cil Haul, p. Llandinam, late of Richard Whittington and Jeremiah Thomas, now of Richard Whittington 2 ms. or tmts. in p. Llanbrinmair of Edward Owen and Hugh Hughes; ms. tmts. of Richard Clayton and Richard Mills, p. Treveglwys; the Crown Inn in Newtown late of Joseph Dolphin, now of John Thomas; ms., etc. in Newtown of Robert Owen,-- More, John Stanley and Matthew Howell, subject to £4,000. Further terms given.
Recital of will of Robert Proctor of Holy port, p. Bray, co. Berks., brother of Henry Proctor dec'd., 9 December 1770, devising his estates in co. Mont. (mentioned above) to his good friends James Hayes, esq., and John Beatson, merchant, in trust to permit testator's brother Henry Proctor the elder to enjoy rents, etc., then to Henry Proctor (party) with power to create jointure. Recital of Settlement, 6 July 1778, (i) Henry Proctor late of Botolph Lane, London, then of Clewer (now dec'd) (ii) Henry Proctor (party) the younger, his eldest son and heir app. (iii) Susannah Lloyd (now wife of latter) of Domgay (iv) Francis Lloyd. Terms given.


  1. Jeremiah Thomas
  2. Richard Bembow
  3. Richard Jones
  4. Richard Whittington
  5. William Bowen