Conveyance, William, Richard, Peter, Edward Crow & John and Ann Milward, 1708


1. William Crow of Ludlow, joiner and Richard Crow of Montgomery
Peter Crow, corvisor and Edward Crow, blacksmith
2. John Milward of Ludlow, glover and Ann his wife
Recital of an indenture of 14 August 6 Anne (1707) between William Crow snr. of Ludlow, blacksmith and Ann his wife, both dead (1) John Beeston of Ludlow, gent (2)
William and Ann Crow had levied a fine to Beeston of a meese place or dissolved house and garden now one house but 2 dwellings in Lower Gaolford, Ludlow (William Evans, Peter Probert), a house (once John Morris) W, a house (once George Morgan) E., to the use after their deaths to sell the same for Wm Crow, party, Richard, Peter, Edward and Ann Crow, wife of John Milward) being the children of Wm and Ann Crow, for £28, to be equally divided. They sell the same to John Milward, to the use of John for his life, then to his wife Ann, then to their children.


  1. Edward Crow
  2. John Milward
  3. Peter Crow
  4. Richard Crow
  5. William Crow
  6. William Crow