Lease & Release, Richard, William, Peter & Edward Crow and William Griffith, 1724


1. Richard Crow of Montgomery, blacksmith
William Crow of Ludlow, joiner
Peter Crow of the same, corvisor
Edward Crow of Ludlow, blacksmith
2. William Griffiths of Ludlow, butcher
Sarah his wife
Samuel Griffiths their son
Consideration: £60
Meese place, toft or late dissolved dwelling house and garden now one entire house but divided into 2 tenements, in Lower Gaolford, Ludlow (once Wm Evans and Peter Probert, now Wm Evans and Maurice Phillipps) being [...] a house (once John Morris, now Edward Jones, corvisor) E., a house (once George Morgan, tailor, now Griffith Rowlinson, blacksmith) W.


  1. Edward Crow
  2. Peter Crow
  3. Richard Crow
  4. William Crow