Marriage Settlement, William Lewis & Tabitha Whittingham, 1675


10 December1675

(1) John Lewis of Hopton vcha, co.Mont., gent.; William Lewis, son and heir.
(2) William Mathewes of Mellington, same co., gent.; Edward Milward of Hussington, same co., gent.
(3) Edward Whittingham of Brompton, co.Salop, gent.
After marriage of William Lewis with Tabitha, dter. of (3), settling £300 portion and performance of Articles of Agreement, 1 May 1675, conveying 1 m. with apps. in Hopton Ucha for life of John Lewis. Latter agrees to supply William and Tabitha with meat and drink for next 2 years and to provide them with an annuity of £20 (passing to Tabitha on death of William).
Covenant with (3) to levy a fine to (2) within 12 years.
Covenant of (1) to convey ths uses to (2) so that (1) 'be not compelled to travayle aboue the space of twenty miles'.
Endorsed: 1765 Hopton.


  1. Edward Whittingham
  2. John Lewis
  3. Tabitha Whittingham
  4. William Lewis