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This website was created in April 2010 to share my genealogical research, with the main intention of being a point of contact for near and distant relatives to expand my research. However, as of November 2011, much of the information on this site has been redacted, the reasons for which are explained here.

Around 99% of the post-1600 research is my own work, with the other portion being copied from a small number of experienced and trusted researchers. Pre-1600 research is largely copied from multiple (when more than one is available) reputable publications, with minor supplements from original documents and transcripts.

I am very particular in the selection of sources and meticulous in their reference to people and events. High standards of research quality are kept and relationships between people are only sealed when warranted by information gleaned from original records and reputable publications. Although there are some parts of my research which are a work in progress, genealogically sealed portions of the tree do not rely on:

As of writing (24 Oct 2011), this database contains just over 7,500 people, connected with over 1,850 places, compiled from over 2,400 sources, illustrated in over 4,000 images and requiring around 4,000 hours of research.

A number of living people have supplied information for this research, their names remain private and are the sources of any events that have no document sources. It should also be noted that a lot of information I have accumulated is not available on this site (even in the non-redacted version). This may be due to its copyright, that I am yet to process it or that the information is not transposed from my genealogy program to these web reports.


This database contains many living people, to protect their privacy they have been completely omitted.


In November 2010, I made the decision to redact a great deal of information from this website, rendering it near useless to genealogists. The reason being, I found details were being copied verbatim to other people's trees without sourcing. I had no problem with this as such, but was disappointed that none had bothered to contact me and supplement my information with their own. Further, I had also come into contact with numerous people claiming a connection to an individual in my research. I was only too happy to send them all information I had that was relevant to them, but it was often the case that I would never hear so much as a "thank you" in return and they would ignore my questions and subsequent e-mails.

As outlined in a previous section, one reason for the creation of this site was to expand my research by connecting with others. However, I found being so liberal in providing people with information was not meeting this goal, and that it was unfortunately necessary to haggle with most people for them to reciprocate.

I am still happy to provide people with all genealogical, written and photographic information I have that it is relevant to them and help them in what ways I can. However, until I find the other party is willing to take the same approach I will not provide them with any information. Thus if you request information, the quickest way you will get it is if you first liberally supply yours.

As of February 2012, due to the continuing trend of individuals requesting information and subsequently ignoring my requests for information in return, I no longer supply any details until people first supply theirs.

I can be contacted via this page.

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