Grant, Jordan Ellall, 14th C.


Jordan son of Hugh son of Grimbald senior, of Elhale, to the church of the Blessed Mary of Cuningesheved, and John the prior there -- all his land of Tratherig by these bounds, beginning at the angle of the hedge next the ford of Coker, towards the south, following the middles of the stream as far as the sike which falls into Coker under the hedge of Tratherig towards the north, and so following the sike along as far as the end of the holm, and so taking in the whole of that holm as far as a certain heap of stones, and thence in a straight line as far as the boundary stone in the side of the field towards the east, and from that bound descending in a straight line as far as the sike in the marsh which is between the aforementioned Trathwrig and Balrig where fencing is made, and so following that hedge around towards the east as far as the aforeside angle in the hedge next the ford of Coker -- with pannage in the woods of Elhale. Witn. Roger Gerneth, Roger of Hetun, Richard son of Grumbald of Elhale, Henry son of....., Adam son of Matthew of Burgh (or Burrow), Herbert of Elhale, Jordan son of Richard, Hugh son of Hugh the Forester, Reynold of Hobyrstath, John of the Tannery, Nicholas the Clerk of Elhale. (late 14th C.copy)

- DDM 28/4, Lancashire Record Office


    1. Jordan de Ellall
    2. Residence
      1. Jordan de Ellall
    1. Grimbald de Ellall
    1. Jordan de Ellall
    1. Hugh de Ellall