Confirmation, Grimbald de Ellall, c. 1200


(1) Grimbald de Elhale, son of Herbert
(2) Monastery of Cokersond
Confirmation from (1) to (2) in frankalmoign of half of the town of Siggiswic which Ralph de Bethum gave to (2) [see above]. Warranty clause.
Witnesses: Henry de Redeman, Adam son of Roger, sheriff of Loncastre, Ralph de Bethum and Thomas his son, Gilbert de Croft, Roger de Burtun, Walter de Parles, Roger Gernet, William son of Ketellus, Henry de Croft and Henry Pera of Burtun
Rent: 3s. per annum
Endorsement: '4'
Seal missing; tag

- RCHY 3/3/1, Lancashire Record Office


    1. Herbert de Ellall